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Now we know what is happening to our Salmon and Seatrout Smolts when they leave the Frome & Piddle



Topics to cover in this newsletter.

  1. a Multi National research paper with Prof Ken Whelen (who was our AGM guest speaker a few years ago), looking into where tagged salmon smolts go to feed at sea.
  2. A recent presentation by Simon Toms (joint head of EA Salmon dept) which tracks the factory fishing ships at sea in the North Norwegian sea when our smolts are there.  Simon’s paper is enlightening and follows on wonderfully from Prof Ken’s work.
  3. The Samarch project report shows that the sea trout smolts leaving the Frome & Piddle get hammered but Bass as they swim through Poole harbour, much more so than those leaving the other three study rivers.

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The early marine distribution of Atlantic salmon in the Northeast Atlantic: A genetically informed stock- specific synthesis

Frome & Piddle members will remember when Prof Ken Whelen came and talked to us at our AGM some years ago.  He has been working on a 5 yr project with other tracking where our young salmon go at sea, via The Smolt Highway.  If you then track where the Factory fishing ships operate, its the same place in June & July.  No wonder so few salmon ever return.

The survival of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), an increasingly rare anadromous species, has declined dramatically during its marine phase, with disproportionate impacts on the poorly understood early post- smolt period. Logistical constraints on collecting oceanic data to inform this issue pose a formidable obstacle. To advance understanding of post- smolt distributional ecology in the North- east Atlantic, a comprehensive analysis of existing information was undertaken.

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